Some Case Studies.

My husband is dead!

Fred was such a wonderful friend and father. He got up so early every morning and commuted so far to give his family a great life. He was so compassionate and would help anyone. We will miss him dearly but we know he is in heaven looking down on us.

Fred and I sat down two years ago with a life protection consultant and he educated us clearly on life insurance and the different types of policies available. They did a thorough needs analysis and then made some recommendations. There is one eye opener that I remember to this day! Fred was making about £120,000 a year and had two times his salary in proction consultant provided by his employer. Sounds great! Wrong! Our life insurance agent explained that his insurance at work should only be considered as icing on the cake and to manage our life insurance policies outside of work. The reason was because if he was laid off, his insurance would cease in most cases. Not to mention he would be much older or he could have developed a condition that would make him uninsurable. Get the point!

This was the grace in saving my family today. It turns out Fred was laid off from his company and was driving into Maldon for an interview when he was killed in a fatal multi-car accident. Without the knowledge and insight of the life insurance agent, what we thought was adequate coverage would have left my family and I homeless considering Fred lost his life insurance benefits when he was laid off.
There aren’t many nights that go by that I do not thank God for bringing the life protection consultant into our lives. It’s almost two years later and we are still getting over the death but the three of us have enough money to handle any challenges that come our way.

Daddy, Thanks for Caring…

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 14th December 2015 at 3am and my mother was screaming. I ran into her room and my mother was screaming that dad had had a heart attack.
You expect people these days to have a heart attack after they are 50 or 60 years old. In my case my dad died when he was 32 young.

I do not think you could ever be prepared for what will happen in the future. My dad never got to see his insurance money but it sure helped us pay for the funeral, keep the home and provide for the many challenges yet to come.
Thank you Daddy, I love you.